B’yachad – The Bialik Foundation

Philanthropy is an integral part of Bialik’s culture. Everything we enjoy today is the result of the foresight and generosity of previous generations and current supporters.

Bialik operates a charitable Foundation to undertake and manage major fundraising on behalf of the College, for the benefit of future generations. B’Yachad means “together” in Hebrew–literally “hand-in-hand”. The message behind this name connotes a shared responsibility between the College Council, Parents and Donors towards our community school: we need to work together to ensure Bialik’s future security and to realise our communal goal of assisting future generations of children to benefit from a Jewish education.

Membership accessible to all

Bialik’s philosophy of inclusivity extends to making B’yachad membership accessible to all who wish to become involved, by recognising the total cumulative giving a donor makes, or has made, to Bialik’s Foundation, Scholarship or Building Funds over time.

Member recognition is based on a donor’s cumulative giving over time.
$1M + Visionary
$500,000 – $999,999 Patron
$250,000 – $499,999 Benefactor
$108,000 – $249,999 Partner
$36,000 – $107,999 Fellow
$18,000 – $35,999 Member

Acknowledgement of Donors

Bialik College likes to recognise your support, no matter how big or small, by thanking you for your gift and providing you with updates on how your donations are being used. There are also naming opportunities to honour someone special or a dear departed family member.

As a Major Donor, you will receive regular updates about the College and invitations to College events. The impact of your gift will be documented and reported to you on an annual basis. You may receive progress reports or testimonials from students whose lives are transformed by scholarships; photos which plot the progress of building works and the advancement of Bialik College, or details about the outcomes of projects or programs you have supported.

It is important to us that you see the journey of your gift and the impact your gift has directly on students’ lives.
Bialik College regularly hold events to thank and honour donors for their highly valued contributions.

Contact us

We appreciate the opportunity of working closely with our donors to match areas of your interest with Bialik College funding priorities to ensure your gift has a lasting impact.

To pledge your support or for more information, please email [email protected]


Perhaps you’d like to honour someone special with your gift of tzeddaka? Leaves are available to be inscribed in 3 sizes – small ($360+) medium ($720+) or large ($1,800+). Please contact [email protected] to arrange your inscription.