Support Bialik – B’yachad

Philanthropy is an integral part of Bialik’s culture. Everything we enjoy today is the result of the foresight and generosity of previous generations and current supporters.

Bialik’s philosophy is to do whatever possible to ensure that children do not miss out on a Jewish education because of financial hardship. Our Scholarship Fund supports over 20% of the student body, and relies on the generosity of donors and supporters to partner with us in meeting this goal.

The programs and superb facilities offered at Bialik cannot be achieved by fees alone. We are very grateful for financial support from Alumni, Parents and Friends that make it possible for the College to achieve our educational ideals. Every year the cost of doing so rises.

Our Building Fund helps us to maintain and grow the campus facilities while the Library Fund helps to grow the collection and resources of our multi-media learning centres.

There are many giving opportunities at Bialik and every donation counts, no matter how small. Please click here to make your much appreciated contribution.

Dedicate a Leaf on Bialik’s Tree of Giving

Perhaps you’d like to honour someone special with your gift of tzeddaka? Leaves are available to be inscribed in 3 sizes – small ($360+) medium ($720+) or large ($1,800+). Please contact Tanya Cherny on [email protected] to arrange your inscription.


Bialik operates a charitable Foundation to undertake and manage major fundraising on behalf of the College, for the benefit of future generations. B’Yachad means “together” in Hebrew–literally “hand-in-hand”. The message behind this name connotes a shared responsibility between the College Council, Parents and Donors towards our community school–we need to work together to ensure Bialik’s future security and to realise our communal goal of assisting future generations of children to benefit from a Jewish education.

For more information about B’Yachad, please contact Heidi Meyerson, Development and Communications Manager on [email protected]