The governing body of Bialik College is the School Council. The Council sees its principal role as:

  • Setting the strategic direction and mission of the College
  • Ensuring the College is run in a prudent financial manner
  • Fundraising
  • Construction and refurbishment of the College’s physical assets
  • Appointment, and subsequent review, of the Principal

Council has a number of sub-committees, and parents who have specific interests or skills in these areas, are encouraged to consider joining these sub-committees. Elections for positions on the School Council are held at the AGM in November each year.

The College is owned and operated by Bialik College Limited, a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. The directors of Bialik College Limited are the members of the School Council.  The members of the company are the School Council, together with former School Council members who have been appointed as Life Governors and Governors.

The Jewish educational provision is conducted by Bialik College (Jewish School) Pty Ltd, the Directors and members of which are the Executive Committee of Bialik’s School Council.

Queries regarding the Council may be addressed to Kate Beaconsfield, President, [email protected].

2022 Council Members and Member Profiles

2022 Council Committees and Members