Guest Speaker Shares Personal Memories of Israeli Icon

On 26 March, Bialik Years 8 and 10 students had the great privilege of hearing from Alon Ben-Gurion, grandson of  David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister who declared Israel a modern State.

Alon was a  commander in the Israeli paratroopers who was seriously injured in the Yom Kippur war. He went on to study hospitality at Cornell University and managed some of the most prestigious hotels in Israel and New York City.

Alon was able to retell the miraculous stories of Israel’s establishment by joining historical facts with personal anecdotes, reinforced by photos or records of speeches or conversations. He explained the vision of his grandfather: for the Jewish people to remain united and engaged via Israel, both with its historical centrality to Judaism as well as its modern ability to provide a safe haven. David dreamed of an Israel that exemplified universal values of human rights while remaining true to its Jewish foundations. Alon explained how his grandfather had to travel the world to personally convince political leaders to support and accepts Israel’s establishment in 1948.

Thanks to the JNF, Alon was able to be in Australia to present our students with his unique perspective and fascinating memories.


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