John Pesutto MP Visits the Year 5 Manhigut (Leaders)

It has become a Bialik tradition for MP for Hawthorn and Shadow Attorney General, John Pesutto, to visit the College in order to address the Year 5 Manhigut on leadership. We always look forward to his visit as the students get so much out of it. Mr Pesutto says that the feeling is mutual – he always looks forward to visiting Bialik, where the students are interested and engaged. He previously commented, “The Bialik students ask more challenging questions than students studying journalism at Deakin University!”

Mr Pesutto’s talk included examples of his job as an MP, such as when he helped a couple who were struggling, as well as a time when he had to vote with his conscience. He explained that half of his constituents were pleading with him to vote in favour of an important issue, and the other half were asking him to vote against. These examples show how our Members of Parliament help us and also how they have to make tough decisions on our behalf, even when the community is evenly divided on an issue.

This relates to the challenge of being a leader: people look to you to help them and to make some decisions for their benefit. Mr Pesutto also demonstrated how leaders have to listen to everyone and consider their views and feelings.

The session finished with the Year Five Manhigim having photos taken with the MP for their portfolios.

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