Juggling Jackpot!

The first ever Bialik College Juggling Competition was held this week with representatives of each Year level from 5-11 attempting to take home the title of “Bialik’s Greatest Juggler”. 

Upon returning from the prolonged absence from campus due to Covid-19, every student had the opportunity during Sport class to advance to the finals. 

The representatives from each year level were as follows:

Year 5- Yhonatan C; Year 6 – Hayden G; Year 7 – Sam D; Year 8 – Ilyusha S; Year 9 – Daniel C; Year 10 – Bailey L; Year 11 – Jamie S; Staff member – Stef D

After 4 rounds of competition, which included 3-ball juggling, 2-ball one-hand juggling, 3-ball trick juggling and 4-ball juggling , each round being judged by 3 expert adjudicators, we had our final result: the winners were as follows: 1st – Sam D; 2nd – Daniel C; 3rd – Yhonatan C

“Three Worlds” – a trick shop in Brunswick – kindly donated prizes for all 8 of our finalists, and a fantastic $100 voucher for the shop. 

Kol ha’kavod to everyone who participated and to the winners for their exceptional effort.

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