Kinder 4B Community Connections

During the year the children of Kinder 4B collected their birthday gift money and instead of buying big gifts for each other, they decided to donate the funds to a worthy cause.

Together, the children and their parents, chose to support the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School, in Richmond (MITS). MITS helps indigenous children from remote areas of Australia transition into their partner schools in Melbourne.

The indigenous children spend one year at MITS and then move to their new schools. For some students, MITS gives them their first experience to learn English as they have only spoken their Aboriginal language at home.

On 5 December, Paul Barcham, the Development Manager of MITS, came to thank our students and to show us a short film of some of the children at MITS. Paul explained that the funds from Bialik’s collection were used to purchase books and next year, thanks to our Kinder 4B’s, the children at MITS will have new books to accommodate all reading levels.

Paul also donated a book to the class, which was written and illustrated by the students at MITS. This book, Gudwan Pleis, is a collection of indigenous stories passed from one generation to the next.

Well done, Kinder 4B!

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