An insight into learning in lockdown from our very own Director of Learning.

Our current generation of students have been labelled, wryly, as the ‘COVID Generation’. A generation of students who have navigated the disruption of the global pandemic with agility and resilience, utilising technology to meet their learning needs. These ‘generational’ attributes were evident as our students recently transitioned from the traditional classroom setting to Digital Bialik 4.0.

Whilst individual students may have had different experiences in the remote learning setting, our collective experience has been extremely positive. Our teachers have generated digital learning experiences that have ensured a rigorous continuum of learning from Prep through to Year 12. Learning has been targeted to meet the demands of the Victorian Curriculum and the needs of our students.

Our remote learning experience has shown that students demonstrate greater agency and independence as learners. Students have certainly been active participants in their learning, they have monitored their daily schedule, communicated with their teachers, and they have utilised a range of digital platforms, including Seesaw and MS Teams, to communicate and document their learning. They have also been adept at troubleshooting any technical issues that may have emerged.

Whilst we are physically disconnected during remote learning, Bialik has put into place wellbeing initiatives to ensure that students feel a sense of belonging. Students are invited to participate in the following opportunities as a way of staying connected with community members: lunchtimes with the Jewish Informal Team, Enhanced Homework Club, and the Feel Good Friday program. Increased collaboration in digital breakout rooms has also increased within the learning context to maximise student communication and interaction.

We are extremely grateful to our parents and guardians who have played an essential role in juggling their own commitments to ensure that their child’s home learning experience has been successful. Please continue to monitor correspondence from the College for the latest information concerning assessments, reporting, and a return to onsite learning.

Michaela Strang

Director of Learning

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