Manhigut Neuroscience TEAM session with Jared Cooney Horvath

On Friday afternoon, 15 May 2020, the Years 4/5 Learning Hub would have been buzzing with excitement, as our Year 5s were due to engage in a fascinating Manhigut (Primary leaders) session with Jared Cooney Horvath, our Neuroscientist in residence. Instead, we held a dynamite on-line session with Jared on Microsoft TEAMS.

The session was all about the brain’s plasticity. Neuroplasticity, or brain plasticity, refers to the brain’s ability to CHANGE throughout life. The human brain has the amazing ability to reorganize itself by forming new connections and pathways between brain cells.  To demonstrate this, Jared gave our students fun tasks that illustrated to each and every student the plasticity of their own brain. Even though we were not physically together in the Learning Hub, the buzz and excitement were very much felt, ending the week of Digital Bialik learning on a high note.

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