MathsCraft Student Workshop and Beat The Box Challenge

The Rosenkranz Centre for Excellence and Achievement.

MathsCraft Student Workshop

On Friday 25 October, three students from Year 7 together with Maths teacher Mr Vanara Jone, participated in MathsCraft Student Workshop at Ruyton Girls’ School. The morning was centred around the questions, “How does a mathematician think about and solve problems?” and, “What does doing maths look like?”.

The four representatives from Bialik worked collaboratively with University Mathematics Professors to solve complex problems which they then in turn presented to the other schools attending. The event was a great success and it showcased the collaborative and inquisitive nature of our students. Well done to our outstanding Year 7 students.

Beat The Box Challenge.

On Thursday 24 October, six of our students represented Bialik at the Year 5 Boroondara Collaborative Interschool Beat The Box Challenge hosted at MLC. 

On the day, in mixed school teams, our students worked with like-minded peers to solve three different breakout box challenges that require problem solving, team work and strong communication. The students needed to use cryptic clues to solve problems and crack the locks in order to reach the content inside each box.

The students needed to prepare for the day researching Edward Lear and learning some of his poems and limericks as well as creating their own. The day proved to be an exciting one with our students meeting the complexity and difficulty levels of the three challenging sessions, centred around Mathematics, Engineering and Literature. A fun day was experienced by all.

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