Max Makes His Mark On Canberra

News From The Rosenkranz Centre for Excellence and Achievement

We are very proud of Max S, Year 11, who was selected to represent Bialik at The National Schools Constitutional Convention in Canberra this year. This convention was held from Tuesday 19 March – Thursday 21 March and was attended by students from across Australia. Below is a reflection from Max of his experiences:

The growing levels of uniformed decision making surrounding the world of politics and the disconnect between younger generations and the political system has become an ever increasing issue in the modern world. As a consequence, the Australian government has allocated some of its budget in a constitutional convention of approximately 100 students across Australia. I was lucky enough to have been one of these students.

The program began with an introduction to Parliament House and a rundown of its history, which was immediately followed by several speakers discussing their areas of specialisation. After having gathered a good level of understanding surrounding constitutional law, the workings of Australian politics and – the focus of the convention – the Preamble of our constitution, we were asked to construct a new Preamble and give persuasive speeches as to why this new particular Preamble was best suited to the views and values of modern Australia.

I was given the opportunity to deliver a speech on my group’s particular Preamble and it was selected via popular vote as the final proposal. A mock referendum was held which passed the proposed change. The proposed changes were then handed down to members of the Senate for future debate. There is currently bi-partisan support for changing an outdated Preamble but the cost of holding a referendum is far too expensive in practicality for realistic implementation of our proposal but I, along with a hundred or so school kids across Australia, dream on.

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