Our Chavayah cohort had a wonderful experience when they visited Masada with their educators from Israel’s Alexander Muss High School .

They were learning about the mitzvah of laying tefillin and the educators were telling the students how one of the greatest discoveries of Jewish history was when archaeologists found ancient tefillin in the very vicinity where our students were visiting

In a serendipitous stroke of luck, while our students were discussing this, a group of Chabadniks who were climbing in the same area approached the cohort and offered for them to lay tefillin with them. The boys in the group were eager to join in and found it to be a very significant and emotional experience, given the location.

Our staff from Alexander Muss, a school that mirrors Bialik’s ethos of pluralism and inclusion, noticed that girls were feeling left out. These wonderful educators took out their own tefillin and began passing them around so that everyone, including the girls in the group could share in this remarkable moment. They were assisting the girls and teaching them as they went and we are very grateful that our students could enjoy this special tradition with inclusion and equality.

What a wonderful incarnation of pluralism in a place of such spiritual significance. It was an experience that none of our students will ever forget.

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