Message from Gary Velleman – Vice Principal, October 2019

I Thought I Taught a Tautology!
By Tweety Bird – Homage to Our VCE English Students

Listen out, it’s all around
The wonders of tautology broadly abound
Whether in speeches, articles or in the news
The English language – so easy to confuse

See if you can find them all!

Recently, while walking in the park, I had my own personal revelation – after all, if it is not mine, whose could it be? This insight, in the form of a new initiative, was also innovative and very excellent.

I knew I was on to something because I bumped into three very unique individuals, each who analysed my concept and provided three different options. Each was polite and well-mannered, hard-working and conscientious. Like a student who is punctual and arrives to class on time, the various different concepts, that were both innovative and cutting edge, were discussed.

To return again a second time to my story, it was the wisest of the three, a sea-faring mariner, who quickly became my most favourite. Through a process of joint cooperation, an idea that was incredibly iconic came up and we looked to approach it in a multiplicity of different ways. To reiterate again, through working in close proximity, we powered through our ideas one after the other in succession.

And who said English was easy!

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