Message from Principal Jeremy Stowe-Lindner, 1 November 2018

Shalom Kehilla

This time of year is ‘peak season’ for Primary School camps. Last week our Years 3 and 4 students went on camp  – Year 3 go for one night and Year 4 for two nights. It is a superb introduction to staying away from home and thriving in an unfamiliar environment, albeit with familiar and supportive people. They had a fantastic time.

For Year 1 parents eager to be part of the learning journeys of their children, our Step Inside Year 2 opportunities are now taking place.

We also held our final evening for Year 10 students and their parents before they go on Chavayah. Bialik College is the only Jewish school in the world to send a year level to China and we are currently receiving many calls asking for advice as to how to do it. Now in its 5th year, the China experience as part of the 6 weeks overseas is a summative and formative experience for our Year 10s. With a business focus in Beijing and a Jewish communal focus in Shanghai (a number of Melburnian Jewish families emigrated to Australia via Shanghai), followed by 5 weeks in Israel studying and learning and thriving (it is not a ‘tour’), the Chavayah experience is the envy of many schools.

We are so grateful to the Pratt Foundation as well as a number of Bialik families for supporting those who could not otherwise afford this experience, and we also put the onus on the children themselves to fundraise. In middle school, students achieve a Barista certificate and a Certificate 1 in Food Handling – this enables all of our students to seek part-time work to contribute towards Chavayah. Earning money as a school student is valuable – it teaches the value of, and time investment required to accumulate, $10 each time the note is spent.

Meanwhile school life continues in its predictably busy and exciting fashion. The Sir Zelman Cowan Public Speaking Competition was a wonderful exemplar of our students’ zest for debate and depth. Congratulations to all participants for their wonderful speeches. We were very grateful to Lady Cowan for her attendance and support.


Jeremy Stowe-Lindner


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