Message from Principal Jeremy Stowe-Lindner March 2018

Shalom Kehilla
What an incredible term it has been! We ended the term with The Dybbuk, our Secondary school production, which was the final in our trilogy of Jewish-themed pre-war-inspired plays. The creativity both back stage, on stage and front of house was inspiring and the dark theme (with an advisory warning for young children!) shocked and thrilled the audience. As part of the Yiddish revival, the play was an exciting verbal and musical challenge, and the set was breath taking.
We also ended the term with a fortnight of model seders. Seders (literally meaning ‘order’) are the ritual-filled services (following the service in the Haggadah) and meals that we enjoy during the first two nights of Pesach (Passover). The Hebrew in the Haggadah is awkward – since it is not Hebrew but a closely related language, Aramaic, the language of the time that the Haggadah was written. And since we are each encouraged to ‘remember Egypt since you yourself were there), using English is absolutely fine if the Aramaic is a bit tongue-twisting.
At Bialik, all students have had a seder at school, and they will be able to advise their parents as to how to conduct the meal. A highlight is the Year 12 and Prep seder when senior and junior students are buddied together.
One of the beautiful aspects of Pesach is its interactive nature and parents can also recreate the vibrant elements of Pesach at home. If you would like to be matched with a family conducting its own seder, or you would like to host families, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Stacey Dodge, a Bialik parent who has kindly agreed to put families in touch with each other. Stacey’s email is [email protected].
Jeremy Stowe-Lindner

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