Mikolot Public Speaking Competition 2020

On Tuesday 21 July, the annual Mikolot Public Speaking Competition took place, this time online.

This is an inter-school competition, which saw Tali U (Year 11) and Megan S (Year 12) compete against students from The King David School and Leibler Yavneh College.

The judges were Mandi Katz and Josh Burns MP.

Students spoke about their visions for the establishment of new organisations within the Jewish community that would fill gaps in areas that are not otherwise addressed. Megan discussed her desire to create a new network which would facilitate communication between elderly members of our community and young people. Tali spoke about a digital interface that would assist Bar Mitzvah boys in learning their material and finding meaning in the experience.

Although our students did not win, they both presented brilliantly and did themselves, and the College proud.

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