National Schools Constitutional Convention 2018


In March I was given the honourable opportunity to participate in the 3 day National Schools Constitutional Convention in Canberra. The topic for the Convention was Section 44 of the Constitution, which lists the grounds for who may become a candidate for election to Parliament.

We heard from inspiring speakers, spoke to senators, visited the old and new parliament houses, had steak and cake at the high court, attended an event at the governor general’s house where I spoke to the Governor General himself, and were involved in discussions with other students across Australia on this topic where we attempted to rewrite the section, and finally held a mock referendum on the amendments we discussed.

With over 100 other amazing and inspiring students attending, I was able to easily make great new friends that I am still in contact with. Overall the experience was thought provoking and challenging at times, especially when having to argue my opinion, however, it was an incredible opportunity that I will never forget.

Ally – Year 11

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