Nevatim: 2-yr old program

Nevatim: Pre-kinder program

Nevatim, Hebrew for seedling, is Bialik’s pre-Kinder program for 2-year olds, and is a wonderful way to prepare your child for Kinder the following year.

The program offers a fun morning of open-ended play, with games, stories, dance and music, introducing little ones to the welcoming world of our internationally-renowned Early Learning Centre.

Sessions are held in the Bialik College Early Learning Centre during the school term on Friday mornings starting at 9.15am for an hour and ten minutes. Limited spaces available.

For more details, email [email protected] or phone Main Reception on 9822-7981.

Registrations for Term 4 are now closed.

Nevatim Testimonials

“My daughter Dalia has LOVED Nevatim! It is hands down the highlight of her week. All year she has called herself a “Nevatim girl” as opposed to a school girl or a kinder girl 😉 Tanya is absolutely wonderful!!! I can’t speak highly enough of her. She is in tune with the kids and I think that however she runs the sessions they will be wonderful. She is a huge asset to the program. Thanks for a great year. See you in 2016 with my baby.”

“We have loved the Nevatim experience. It has been a great opportunity to meet future classmates and something that Jasper and I could enjoy together before he begins kindergarten. It has been very special.”

“Nevatim has been an enriching experience for my son.  The activities have sown the seed of curiosity for him and he proudly now pronounces “todah!” whenever he accepts something.  But for us, the greater benefit is that Nevatim has allowed him to become familiar with the ELC surroundings, and excited about starting at his “new school”.  Even entering the front gate and the entrance foyer of the ELC, which undoubtedly would be daunting for a toddler, are now eagerly anticipated as we arrive for Nevatim.”

“My son is accustomed to long day care, but I believe the experience of attending at the ELC will help to overcome the inevitable anxiety that would arise if he were not familiar with his surroundings and confident he is safe.”