News From The Rosenkranz Centre for Excellence and Acheivement – 23 August 2018

Year 9 Aurecon Bridge Building Challenge (STEM)

Last week Jake A, Dustin F and Josh K represented Bialik at The Aurecon Bridge Building competition hosted at Science Works. The competition required the students to construct a bridge from a kit of materials provided by the competition organisers.

During Term 2, the team of 3 researched different types of bridges, sought advice from mentors around the school and designed their bridge digitally using SketchUp Make.

When the kit arrived, the students had several weeks to build the bridge that could carry a specific weight, according to specific instructions and dimensions.

Competition day was a buzz with over 35 schools in attendance. Sitting in the round at The Science Works amphitheatre, the Bialik students met with judges from Aurecon and Vic Roads, explained their design and had their bridge tested to ‘breaking point’. There was also the opportunity for a Q and A session with experienced and new to industry engineers from Aurecon and VicRoads.

This competition developed new and deep understandings around STEM for the Bialik team members and all three are now looking forward to re-entering in 2019 with a re-versioned design.

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