Year 3 Bialik in the Bush Science program

Monday, 28 Nov 2022

This year in the Year 3 Bialik in the Bush Science program students have visited the Glen Iris Wetlands to collect evidence of best practice within the local community. 

While there they collected and recorded details of the fauna, flora and soils. In particular observing and recording the requirements for plants and animal’s life cycles. Students used their device to document how everything in the environment is inter connected. They liaised with Aunty Angie, our resident First Nations educator, to learn about caring for country. With her advice students selected and planted a large range of native plants in the wetland they have developed. 

They also learnt about, and created, message sticks which can be seen in the newly developed wetlands. Students have been caring for the plants and monitoring and collection of both qualitative and quantitative data on their health and growth. Students just build the wetland selecting the appropriate lining and water pump. They are currently monitoring the water quality. Be sure to come and check out the new wetlands!