The Rosenkranz Centre for Excellence and Achievement

Our Junior First Lego League team represented Bialik last Sunday, 24 November, at The FLL Junior Expo at Swinburne University. Run in parallel with the National Finals for First Lego League, 32 teams from a variety of schools shared their BoomTown Builds, their ‘Show Me’ posters and programmed Lego WeDo robots. Over the last term and a half our students have been meeting every Thursday lunchtime with our FLL Junior mentor, Alison Fiske, to learn some of the engineering behind buildings and to create their own building using the WeDo robots and the Lego BoomTown Build Inspire Sets. Our students built a community cinema, taking into account the building’s durability, environmentally friendly features and accessibility for all. They also built and coded automatic doors, a working elevator and a film projector. On the day, they mingled with students from other schools and found out about their research and projects. At this level, the students are not scored but rather are visited by judges and asked to explain their designs, builds, challenges robotics and coding. It was a high energy filled day and our students demonstrated great resilience, perseverance and confidence when they needed to rebuild damaged aspects of their cinema and recode in the moment when their robots did not respond as predicted. We were very proud of them! Thank you so much to the parents, grandparents, siblings and cousins who joined us and supported us on the day.

Moving Doors

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