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The College is internationally recognised for its leading Cultures of Thinking approach, developed in partnership with the Harvard School of Education whilst the Early Childhood program has been inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy. The book “Making Thinking Visible” uses Bialik College as a foremost example of implementing a Culture of Thinking. (Click here to buy the book).Making thinking visible

A recent article on Bialik College in the Teaching and Learning Network’s winter 2014 journal titled “Fostering Learning through Dissonance“, describes. Bialik’s approach as “seek(ing) to foster and encourage in its students and staff, a way of approaching the world and learning that is enthusiastic, energetic, imbued with wonder and also robust – resisting of certainties, open to questioning, contradiction and dissonance.”

Traditionally, education is about acquiring knowledge, about teaching children to read, write and understand arithmetic. At Bialik, education means far more than that. Certainly, while Bialik’s curriculum places careful attention on literacy and numeracy skills, it expands much further to include a rich and diverse choice of subjects; a sound understanding of what it means to be a committed and knowledgeable Jew and Australian; a working knowledge of the modern Hebrew language; and the fostering of a desire for life-long learning.

The College provides a dual curriculum of general education based upon the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority and a comprehensive and enriching Jewish Studies curriculum supported through our relationship with Hebrew University’s Melton Centre for Jewish Education. This is further enhanced by the engaging and interactive Jewish programs run by the Informal Jewish Education Team in the Mifgash (Centre for Jewish Life).

An Enrichment and Extension program for students with high abilities supplements the curriculum.

Our excellent Jewish and general education far exceeds the standards set by the various educational authorities and as a result, Bialik consistently ranks amongst the leading schools in VCE performance.

Students are encouraged to participate in a myriad of extra-curricular activities including school drama and musical productions, vocal and music ensembles, debating, chess and a community service program.

An Outdoor Education program that focuses on personal development and camping skills is part of the curriculum for students in Years 3 to 11. An extensive Lunchtime Club program encourages students to explore their interests such as gardening, art, games, athletics, basketball, swimming, basketball, interschool sport, reading, dance, guitar jam, xylophone/recorder ensembles, chess, debating and more.

Teaching and learning at Bialik
Teaching and learning STEM at Bialik

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