Camps and Excursions at BialikLife on camp is hugely enjoyable for Bialik students, who thrive in an environment that is small enough for every child to be known and personally looked after, but large enough to be offered spectacular opportunities. All Bialik camps have a Jewish Life element to them–a fun and engaging experience facilitated by Bialik’s talented Informal Jewish Education Team together with student leaders. Canoeing on Camps and Excursions

Our students engage with contemporary and indigenous Australia in Portsea, Philip Island, Lake Dewar, Campaspe Downs, Canberra, Central Australia, Mount Buller and Wilson’s Promontory. In addition to exploring Australia, Bialik’s off-campus experience is also global with trips to Israel and Asia–such as the exciting Chavayah program in Year 10, when students spend five weeks immersing themselves in Israeli life and culture.

In their final year, students have the opportunity of attending the optional Year 12 ‘Towards Autonomy’ Seminar aimed at preparing the students for life after school. In an informal and small group setting, themes such as identity, Israel advocacy, dreams and passions, happiness, friendship, gap year opportunities and above all, learning for learning’s sake are discussed.