Primary Music Showcase – The Elements of Music

Hello parents, grandparents, and everyone in our Bialik family.

This year has been a highly unusual one and with it has come many new challenges and successes for our students. Our Year 4’s began learning new string instruments this year, which are challenging at the best of time, let alone when they suddenly found themselves without hands on instruction only a month into their learning.

Many of our Year 5’s also began learning to play wind and brass instruments this year, only to discover that when they returned from digital learning, they were still unable to play together. Simple things like tuning a violin became whole family challenges but our families did indeed rise to that challenge.

Our Bialik students are resilient and creative and despite the difficulties of this year, incredible learning has taken place. Due to the nature of our necessary restrictions this year, we cannot share our usual concert with you.

However, the kids and I wanted to share some of their learning journey with you.

The Year 5’s have put together a short film for you to document this journey. It has its fair share of squawks and squeaks, some shaky camera work, a healthy dose of Year 5 humour and even a blooper or two, but I know you’ll feel as proud as I am of our students’ efforts.

Sarah Trainor, Music Teacher