Science Week 2021

Bettie Kornhauser Science Week at Bialik is now in its 7th year. Science week is an annual event that we run during the first term and sees students from across the entire school engaging in a range of activities around a common theme. Our theme this year was ‘The World of Science’. Our students and staff love Science Week because it provides opportunities for students to become scientists in different scenarios, whether it be by conducting experiments or interacting with special guests.

Creche + Early Learning Centre (ELC)

Children in the creche will be exploring various magnetic toys to explore how different objects attract or repel each other. The ELC prep students visited the laboratories to investigate how different household chemicals can create a colour change when mixed with a purple solution made from cabbage.

Primary School

Our Year 2 students investigated various chemical reactions, and have a take-home crystal growing kit to continue their experimentation further. The Year 3 classes dissected sheep brains to learn all about why our brains are so special, and came up with so many interesting questions! Students in Year 4 made some new friends when they met various backyard minibeasts such as millipedes, tarantulas and cockroaches. Our Year 5 scientists were amazed by the ‘Big Science Show’, where some brave students sat on a chair made of nails.

Middle School

In the Middle School, Year 6 students began to use soldering irons to make so glowing wearable technology in the makerspace. Year 7 students had a zoo experience where they got to hold snakes, pat a crocodile and even pet a koala. Year 8 students will be racing drones in an obstacle course during the rest of term, and our Year 9 students were amazed by the magician, who explained the neuroscience behind his magic tricks.

Senior School

Students from the Senior School will hone their STEM skills when they take part in a planks engineering activity. The Year 10s learned how to protect their brains during IAL and our Year 12 students spent lunchtime with the Australian animals.

Bialik gratefully acknowledges the generous support of Science Week at Bialik, in memory of Bettie Kornhauser.

Emily Donaldson
Head of Science

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