Senior Summer Sport Grand Finals

Bialik was involved in three Senior Summer Sport Grand Finals on Wednesday with students participating in the Boys Volleyball, Hockey and Girls Soccer Grand Final. It was a great effort to make the final as the competition is very intense amongst the EISM schools.

The Hockey team were outplayed by a seriously strong Plenty Valley outfit who had two State Representatives in their squad, however the boys never gave up and can hold their heads high with the effort they produced.

The Boys Volleyball team played a tight contest on our home court in front of our very own “Wolfpack” and in an epic 4-set encounter, the boys were narrowly defeated. The closeness of the contest was exhibited through the total points that both teams accumulated through the 4 sets with Bialik actually winning 91 to Huntingtower’s 90 points.

In more news, it is with great pleasure that we celebrate the premiership of the Senior Girls Soccer who played an outstanding game in which they dominated their rivals from Kingwood to take a 3-1 win. The girls had to fight hard all season to even make the final and it was this grit and determination that held them in good stead for the final where they clearly exhibited that they were the better team and richly deserved a fabulous win. Congratulations to the girls and Mr D for steering them to victory.

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