Spectacular Seussical Success!

Kol ha’kavod to the entire company of students who performed on stage, played in the band and provided behind-the-scenes support for Seussical, the Bialik musical, recently staged at The National Theatre in St Kilda. Our students were thrilled with the opportunity to work in a professional theatre venue to hone their craft, authentically.

Producing a large-scale show in one school term has required outstanding commitment on the part of the students, who have worked tirelessly to balance their academic studies, social engagements, sporting commitments and family events, to create a quality theatre experience for all.

We marvel at this achievement, knowing the joy and confidence, along with the social and academic benefits, that this opportunity gives to the students. A huge thank you must go to the parents who so patiently schlepped the students back and forth, throughout the production process. No doubt, life-long memories are created by this experience.

A full gallery of photos has been added to the CLE. Click here to view them.


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