STEM Day for Middle School Focuses on Homelessness

The Years 7, 8 and 9 STEM Day focused on homelessness, understanding what it is, developing empathy and coming up with solutions.

Students heard from a guest speaker who developed the Ask Izzy mobile website to help people experiencing homelessness to find services. They also heard from another speaker who had been homeless before.

The students then worked in various fields, from Human-Centred Design to Support Technologies, Systems Thinking, City Design and they made awareness campaign videos. They worked in teams with members in each portfolio. That way, they were able to share their learning with the rest of their teams so that all benefited from all the workshops.

The day ended with watching the videos and having an expo, in which each team had a wall display of all their designs and solutions. Students visited each other’s teams and took turns at pitching their designs and solutions to each other and the teachers, who donated an amount of ‘Bialik Cash’ that they thought fit the quality of the ideas.

To conclude, gold, silver and bronze medals were given to the teams who raised the most ‘funding’ for their team’s ideas.

It was a rich day of collaboration and learning for all.

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