STEM within the curriculum

STEM is an integral part of the Bialik College education as a thread of Cultures of Thinking and Participatory Creativity.

Primary STEM is taught by specialist teachers.







Robotics is integrated into Measurement units in Maths.

Our Kitchen Garden Program, at Years 4 and 5, explores Indigenous Awareness, Sustainability, Science and Maths as well as gardening and cooking. Students also become socially aware through equitable access to nutrition via our partnership with Lighthouse Foundation.

STEM Electives

STEM in Middle School provides in-depth, guided exploration: Forensics, Electronic Design and Programming, Industrial Design, Alternative Energies, Algorithmic Thinking, Electronics and Programming. It’s an opportunity to invent and innovate.







Vertical groupings of year 5 to 9 involved in entrepreneurial and design thinking to solve global issues. 

Students connect with mentors and experts in the field as well as academic research.







Multimedia is a pivotal element, students develop an array of digital communication skills.

Through marketplaces, trade fairs, expos and pitch events students are encouraged to articulate their ideas and view them as scalable for real world application.

Our Bialik Incubator captures the energy and builds on new experiences to personalise learning.

Makerspace Allows Experimentation and Risk Taking

Makerspace provides opportunities for all students to access digital fabrication, multiple applications of 3D printing. Learning is through ongoing projects involving electronics and creative use of recycled materials. Concepts of ethical hacking, tinkering and remixing are offered.

Rosie the Robot is a much loved member of Makerspace.

Many Opportunties for Coding and Robotics

Students learn through a continuous pathway both in class and in our Coding and Robotics Clubs.

·         Robots are used in our ELC to investigate the intersection between human and robots through programming Sphero to create a painting.

·         Students in Years 2 to 3 explore coding using Lego Kits in response to challenge prompts.






FLL Competition

·         Year 4 to 8 use more complex equipment, software and thinking via Mindstorms participating in interschool competitions.

·         Year 9 to 12, students are constructing robots and integral parts to create a robot that will fulfil a complex task.








RoboCup Competition

Competitions Stretch Students’ Thinking

At Bialik College, students have multiple opportunities to stretch their problem solving skills and showcase their robust STEM understanding: Computer and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) Competition, BrainSTEM, AI for Good, Hack-a-thons, Melbourne University School Mathematics Competition, Australia Mathematics Competition (AMC), and the Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) Games Days.