Student Leadership

Self-nomination is an integral aspect of Bialik’s leadership model which promotes inclusivity by ensuring that all students have equal opportunity to make the most of the leadership opportunities at school.

Primary School

All Year 5 students become leaders of the Primary School, taking on individual portfolios which include Sports Leaders, Technology Leaders, Assembly Leaders, Student Wellbeing Leaders, Fund-raising Leaders, Science Leaders, Sustainability Leaders and Jewish Life Leaders. Within these portfolios the students identify areas to be addressed within the school and take action accordingly. These may include such things as fund-raising initiatives, involvement in presentation at assemblies, inviting guest speakers, educating the school community about sustainability practices etc.

Middle School

Year 9 leaders (Madrichim) participate in Zionist Seminar, exposing students to various issues and challenges that exist in Israel today.

Senior School

There are several opportunities available to Senior School students to particpate in student leadership. These include the Year 10 Hadracha, a leadership program that develops a sense of responsibility for self and for others and the Year 11 Gamach (gemilut chassadim) Leadership Program which nurtures a sense of social responsibility and volunteerism. At Year 12, the students can nominate themselves for Mazkirut–whole-school leadership across portfolios such as Judaism and Zionism, School Culture and Values, the Arts and Sport and Social Action.

Bialik Senior School 0 Mazkirut 2020-2021