Swimming with Excellence

Swimming with Excellence operates their ‘Learn to Swim’ and ‘Squad’ programs from the Bialik College Gringlas Sports Centre throughout the School Term. During most school holiday periods Swimming with Excellence also conducts Holiday Program for Learn to Swim and Squad swimmers.

Susan Mothershaw, Director and Owner of Swimming with Excellence has been an Aquatics Educator for over 20 years as an Instructor, Coach, Coordinator, Manager, Swim School Owner, Course and Industry Presenter.  With this experience and knowledge, Susan has developed the Swimming with Excellence program to suit all levels of swimmers ranging from non-swimmers to competitive swimmers.

During 2017, SWE Stars Swimming Club emerged. The club platform offers a way for all Swimming with Excellence families to become connected to the top end of our program, furthering their involvement through SWE Stars swimming club activities and competition. SWE Stars began with a strong team of dedicated members supporting and promoting our Swimming with Excellence ethos.  Competitive, Respect, Integrity, Inclusive and Leaders are the five cornerstones that carry the valued members of our program towards their goals. SWE Stars has a dynamic and energized team who continually find new ways to develop and strengthen the club platform into the future.

The on-going creation of new friendships between our Bialik College and greater community is refreshing to watch. We love seeing all children being accepted and valued through their time spent in the Swimming with Excellence program. We believe backing our SWE children to be great kids allows them to enjoy their swimming more and to have the success they choose.

Swimmers in our program learn through a supported, caring and nurturing environment. All swimmers are made to feel comfortable and safe.  Educating our swimmers with the knowledge to develop a well-structured and technically correct strokes and skills is of highest regard to our coaching team. We acknowledge there is a direct link between a swimmer having a strong technical base and their ability to enjoy and have fun in their aquatic environment.

We offer Bialik families a 10% discount on lesson fees during the term.

For more information or to enrol, please contact Swimming with Excellence.

Phone:       0419 005 183

Email:         [email protected]

Website:    www.swimmingwithexcellence.com