The Impact of COVID-19 – A Message from Gary Velleman, Vice Principal

Given the success of Digital Bialik, the recent relaxation of restriction levels (with possibly more to come on 22 June) and a sense that life is beginning to head back to normal, it is time to reflect on what take away learnings we have of the intense COVID experience.

For many, a focus has been (and rightly will remain) on the health of loved ones and issues surrounding employment and the economy.  For others, the brilliance or shortcomings of State and Federal politicians have consumed their thoughts and conversations – after all, who among us has not heard, or been offered free advice from an “expert” who possesses the superpower of “knowing exactly what to do in a crisis of this magnitude and is keen to share their insight?”

Through the din, what many elected to notice, and pay attention to, were the myriad of opportunities created and presented by locking down.  At an organisational level, we saw, in real time, the adaptability and resilience of staff, students and parents.  Despite limited preparation before campus closure, collectively, the community was able to ‘pivot’ and overcome many of the obstacles and inconveniences of teaching, learning and managing life “on-line”.

However, it is at the micro-level that many have re-discovered some of life’s simple wonders.  The slowing down of time has allowed nature to begin to heal itself, a rediscovery of board and card games, conversations held with fewer distractions, family meals planned, cooked and eaten together, and a more focused and attentive state of mind.

As the world opens up and the noise of life once again encroaches, the challenge at an individual and communal level is to not become distracted or consumed by the busyness.  Rather, it is to remain steadfast in a genuine commitment to appreciate the pleasures derived from events and happenings that we tend to overlook in our hurry to be heard, right or noticed.

Wishing you continued slowness, awareness and an appreciation of how lucky we are.

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