The Jewish SnowSports Carnival and Ski Camp Recap

The Jewish SnowSports Carnival

The Jewish SnowSports Carnival was held at Mt Buller on the 28-30 July. 

The carnival began with a Bialik team gathering at the Whitt on Sunday evening. We welcomed the newest members of the team, and presented them with race uniforms and helmet covers. From there, a group walked to Buller Central to bounce, jump and climb at the Buller Air Zone set-up. And finally, a social gathering was held at the Ajax lodge.

Bright and early on Monday morning, the team gathered on the Skyline course to compete in the Maccabi Giant Slalom event (proudly sponsored by Michael Coppel Theatrical and Safety Dave), which is open to all members of the Jewish Community.  The intermittent rain didn’t damper the spirits of the competitors, as they weaved left and right around the blue and red flags.

On Monday afternoon, after some hot chocolates and a change of clothing, part of the team took on the SkiCross course, also on Skyline.  The course was considered novice-friendly and the skies cleared to provide slower and more stable runs for the competitors. Competitors and family met at the Alpine Cinema to receive awards and celebrate the Maccabi event, organised by Auscamp.

On Tuesday, the Little Buller Spur Course took centre stage, as the sun shined on the Jewish Interschools Giant Slalom (proudly sponsored by Arnold Bloch Liebler).  The course was icy and fast, but the Bialik students managed to navigate their way safely through the flags. The day finished with presentations at the ABOM Moose Bar, with many congratulations going to the Bialik students for their individual efforts. 

In 2020, we encourage as many families as possible to join us in this terrific event.  Please contact Angie Carson in the Sport Department to register your interest.

Results- Jason D – 2nd SkiCross, 1st GS; Lara D – 5th SkiCross, 5th GS; Rafi U – 1st SkiCross, 1st GS; Lili C – 3rd SkiCross, 1st GS; Phoebe C – 1st GS; Chloe C – 2nd GS; Georgie J – 3rd GS; Abbie D – 5th GS; Hardy J – 2nd GS; Mason J – 5th GS; Ashley B – 3rd GS; Felix H – 4th GS;
*GS- Giant Slalom

*Maccabi race results were not available at the time of this report.

The 2019 Bialik Ski team consisted of the following students: Georgia J (Kinder 4); Chloe C & Ethan D (Prep); Phoebe C (Year 2); Hardy & Mason J (Year 3); Jason D (Year 4); Lara D & Blake J (Year 5); Rafi U & Ashley B (Year 7); Felix H & Pippa D (Year 8); Lili C (Year 11).

2019 Ski Camp

The 2019 Bialik Ski campers departed Cato Street on a Sunday morning.  Many nervous, but excited participants, waved goodbye to parents, checked their ski jackets (Pippa D!), and turned on devices for the four-hour trip to Mt Buller. After a low-key stop for lunch at Yea, the group arrived at the Skating Rink in clear sunny weather and transferred to over-snow taxis to make our way to Collegians Lodge. We headed to the village to pick up skis, boots and helmets. Old Collegian, Josh Batten, entertained the group with his musical performance as the students toasted marshmallows.

On Monday morning, the rain was present, which made it more difficult for our first-time skiiers, but the group managed to get through the day and return to the lodge for some Bonnie’s greatest cooking (muffins and zucchini slice!). 

On Tuesday, the group was rewarded with blue sunny skies. With Gabe Harris (OC ’98), Anton Fitt (OC ’95) and Brad Defran leading the groups around the mountain, everyone was rewarded with great runs and weather. 

Wednesday again delivered superb weather conditions (plenty of sunscreen = not great snow) and the campers enjoyed a photo shoot outside of ABOM and lunch at Tirol, Koflers or Burger Haus. 

Thursday morning was the first sign that camp was coming to an end – the bags of shoes had to be transported to Buller Sports. The last of the lessons took place in the morning, and everyone made the most of the perfect afternoon conditions.  On Thursday night, we were entertained by Anton and Brad’s delivery of Nicknames, Josh and Bonnie’s Haka, Josh’s bullying song, and awards were given to the following students: Best First Timer- Ava S; Best Female Camper- Lily C; Best Male Camper- Jem A.

Many thanks to everyone (Mr De, Carol, Anton, Brad, Gabe, Bonnie and Angie) who made for another memorable Bialik Ski Camp.

All the photos from these events can be found on the CLE: click here to view them.

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