What Have the French Students Been Up To?

Bialik Student Place First in the State in French Competition

Year 10 French student Yekira received first prize in the State for Year 10 in the recent Alliance Français competition. The competition comprised of the recital of a poem and completing a written and listening exam.

As the first-prize award winner, Yekira was invited to recite her poem in front of an audience of approximately 400 people. Her recitation was clear, engaging and spoken with a flawless French accent. Felicitations to Yekira on this outstanding achievement.






Making Crepes!

As part of their unit on French food, the Year 7 French students had lots of fun making crepes, and then of course enjoying their final product. Some displayed excellent crepe making skills, with Zac successfully flipping the crepes without a spatula, and Charlotte, Mia and Aaron winning the prize for the best batter. Thanks goes to Jesse for supplying delicious chocolate spread and fresh strawberries.

The recipe and menu were discussed in French and the students also asked for ingredients and condiments in French. Miam miam! (yum yum)

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