Year 10s Consider Their Future Careers With Industry Visits

On Monday 17 June, the Year 10 students completed the Morrisby Online interactive careers guidance tool. Morrisby Online supports students as they navigate the complex process of choosing subjects, careers, employment and other post-school options. The Morrisby Report will be used, together with the student’s exam results and an individual interview, to underpin the development of individual career plans.

The following day, Tuesday 18 June, the Year 10 students set out to visit and investigate an industry and area of work that was of interest to them. These visits were designed to assist in the exploration of VCE subject options, careers and courses and offer them real-life examples of work places.

Through this opportunity, the students gained some firsthand knowledge in a particular area, about the types of jobs available, the skills used, how the workplace looks and functions. Students were given a short tour of their chosen workplace, a brief informal talk from a range of different people who work in each particular industry, and where relevant, an opportunity to see some examples of work.

We would like to thank the following organisations for welcoming our students and for their hospitality, generosity and support of the Bialik Careers program:

• Alfred Hospital
• Jolson Architects
• Moose Toys
• Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
• University of Melbourne – Law Pathways


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