Year 2s explore forces


On Wednesday 30 May, the Year 2s participated in six fun activities using forces. They explored ‘push’ and ‘pull’ – magnetic forces and gravitational forces. All of the activities required students to work together and show a growth mindset.

  1. Push and pull a chairlift using a lever to lift a person on a seat, gravity pulled the person down when we pushed a button.
  2. Magnetic shoes – students had to wear magnetic shoes and walk on a steel ramp. It was very tricky because the magnet was being repelled.
  3. A magnet board – moving tiny metal filings using a magnet. Students learned that magnets aren’t always attracted to all metals, they are attracted to steel. Magnets either attract – stick to each other, or repel – push each other away.
  4. The go-cart – students unscrewed the boards and then put them back together. They had to think about how to put it back together and how to help each other – team work! Twisting and pushing on the screws to put them back in.
  5. The hammer – students had to bang hard on the pad to push the object high to ring the bell. The closer to the bell you got, you had to hit harder, swing harder with the hammer and use more force to beat GRAVITY!
  6. Marble Run – students had to arrange little pieces of magnets on a board to create a marble run. This activity required students to work as a team to place the magnets to create a course for the marble to reach its destination.

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