This term the Year 2s have been exploring a History unit with a focus on Understanding the past to understand the future. As part of their investigations into the past, Year 2A had the wonderful experience of interviewing Ayden, Hayley and Tom from Year 12 about their time when they were in Year 2 many years ago. The interviews were conducted on TEAMS and after a short introduction the students broke up into different channels led by their Year 12 mentors.  The smaller group interviews started with the Year 2s asking open and closed questions about how school uniforms, subjects, rules, buildings, games, and the timetable have changed in the 10 years since they were in Year 2. The conversations were informative, rich and at times very funny, and it was so awesome to hear the Year 12 students speak passionately about their experiences and memories from the past. Some of the biggest changes the Year 2s learnt from the experience were iPads were not around and the price of food from the Shuk has increased as well as many changes to the menu. 2A students have also invited Ayden, Hayley and Tom to visit their actual classroom when back on campus to share some of the new things that have happened in Year 2. A great experience for everyone involved! 

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