Year 4 Monash University Bioeyes Science incursion

The Year 4 students had a Bioeyes incursion to investigate Zebra fish. They are important as they use them for medical research. On day 1, Laura from Monash University came and explained to us we were going to be mating and growing some Zebrafish and we were all really excited.

We got to see the fertilised egg through the microscope – it only took 30 minutes for it to happen! We wrote our scientific observations and drew what we saw. 

On Day 2, when we looked at them they wriggled like worms and every day they grew much bigger.

By Day 4, we could see their hearts beating as they are transparent!

By the end of the five days there were hatched zebrafish swimming around.

It was amazing!

Written by Jesse S, 4C

If you would like further information about Bioeyes and how you can support this projec, please contact Laura Reid (Outreach Education Coordinator.

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