Year 5 Camp

Our Bialik camp experience can be one of the most rewarding and unforgettable experiences in each student’s life.

Camp provides children with a community of caring mentors and teachers who provide experiential education that leads to self-respect and appreciation for life. All of the outcomes—friendships, independence, overcoming challenges, staying healthy and building character— prepare them for life skills down the road. In addition to great friendships and enduring memories, many important life skills are learned at camp.

Our camp pushed the students out of their comfort zone and exposed them to new activities and experiences that they may not be familiar with. They experienced a 250 metre giant swing, canoeing, kayaking, gorge walking, survival tasks, raft building, archery, and stand up paddleboarding, in addition to night activities with the Year 10 madrichim!

The sleeping in a tent experience was a highlight of this camp. The students had the opportunity to stargaze and see a night sky so different to the sky in a city environment. They were woken by the local kookaburras and smelled the clean fresh eucalyptus trees before having a hearty breakfast.
The camp experience developes social skills, teaches children to communicate, work together as part of a team, and be a leader. To help develop leadership skills, the students also fulfilled the responsibilities of setting up and cleaning after dinner, looking after their cabins and clothing while sharing resources.

I was so proud to see that every student took healthy risks, set personal goals, and realised their dreams. Their sense of achievement was evident by their enthusiastic smiles and the sound of their words, “I was scared at first, but I did it!”

Our camp experience provided the students with the core values of a strong, moral individual by teaching them about ethics, honesty, caring, respect and responsibility. Moreover, the camp experience helps to foster independence. I am happy to report that most of the students slept without any midnight alerts of being homesick! The camp provides a safe environment with caring teachers, mentors and peers who allow our children to quickly overcome their need for parental dependency for a few nights.

Our goal was to provide a memorable time for our students where creativity, adventure, thrills, smiles and plain old good times were the priority. Tick!!

Karen Friede
Head of Primary School

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