Year 6s See The City

Recently the Year 6 cohort enjoyed a trip to the city, which included a number of exciting activities. Celine R, a student of 6C shares her experience:

“The excursion to the city was an eye-opening experience. The element of public transport provided a very adult experience. The train stop was buzzing with people and you couldn’t see through to the other side of the station.

When we reached the Immigration Museum, it was another world. It was calm, tranquil and not many people were there in the morning. We learnt that everyone had to make sacrifices to migrate and that everyone has their own story.

After the museum, we walked to the Sandridge Bridge, which offered a spectacular view across the Yarra with stunning, abstract structures. Each statue told its own story. Every sculpture expressed a wave of migration and a distinct time period in Australia’s history.

The NGV was the very solemn and serious part of the excursion. Each exhibit expressed a struggle of the Indigenous people during the arrival of Captain Cook. Overall, it was a wonderful, fun and informative day.

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