Year 7 Life Cycle Excursion

This week, the year 7s participated in the annual Jewish Life Cycle Excursion.

After learning about the Jewish life cycle in class, students spent the entire day in the Caulfield area, seeing what they learnt about in real life and visiting various significant locations for the wider Jewish community.

The students started the day at Kehillat Nitzan, a Conservative Synagogue, where students learnt about Brit Milah and female naming ceremonies. They then walked to Caulfield Hebrew Congregation, where it was explained how that community celebrates Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Following that, students were welcomed into the Empress Street Mikva where they saw the ritual bath and learnt about its significance. They then walked to Chabad Youth where they learnt about Jewish marriage and were visited by a representative from the Chevra Kadisha (the Jewish Burial Society) who taught them about their work burying members of the community and supporting their families. Finally, the students undertook a treasure hunt on Carlisle Street where they found Jewish bookstores, bakeries and restaurants and interviewed members of the public about their favourite Jewish traditions.

The next day, Rabbi Allison Conyer from Etz Chayim Progressive Synagogue addressed the students on how her congregation celebrates and commemorates Jewish life cycle events.

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