Year 9 Forensic Investigations Excursion

On Friday 12 October, the Year 9 STEM elective students visited the Genetic Technology Access Centre (GTAC). During their visit, the students were inspired in STEM, through exposure to contemporary life sciences knowledge and practices. They applied their STEM knowledge and skills in a variety of ways including animations, models, games and a practical investigation in which they generated theories and carried out experiments.

The day began in the Doherty Laboratory, where they had an interactive, hands-on discussion about DNA and genetic modelling. During this discussion, the class built a DNA model and were shown how to utilise this model to explore DNA structure.

Using the real-life Peter Falconio murder mystery as an example, the students discovered how advances in our knowledge of molecular biology contributed to improving forensic investigations. They conducted their own investigations into a mock crime and, using scientific methods, were able to eliminate suspects and find the perpetrator.

The students had a great time at GTAC, learning new skills and how to apply their STEM knowledge in the real world.

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