The Library

Evelyn Hellen Library

The Evelyn Hellen Library is an important learning and social hub for the school. The Library uses many online resources to provide information, these include a dedicated library area on the CLE, the Library Catalogue, eBooks, online journals and digital resources.

To support learning the Library has recently introduced a number of themed print and online collections. These are focused around the following three cross curriculum threads within the new Australian curriculum: Indigenous understanding, Sustainability, and Australia in relation to Asia. The Library has also repositioned and refreshed the Hebrew fiction collections as well as introduced a Kitchen Garden Collection.

In the Library, students and staff have access to quiet study spaces as well as collaborative learning spaces and education technology. In particular:

Senior Library — Spaces for older students to study, learn and read

News Cafe — a social learning space that focuses on new and breaking news, current affairs, newspapers and magazines

ColLABorate — a space for students to learn and study in groups

Seminar Room — class room and extra senior student study space

Year 12 Study Lounge — quiet study space set aside for Year 12 students

Junior Library — Spaces for younger students to study, learn and read

InterACTIVE — an engaging space for students to produce and consume information

Story World — an engaging space that supports literacy among younger students

Archive Collection Room — preserving the important and unique parts of the Bialik College Library print collection

In addition, the library runs regular Lunchtime clubs for students, including the Chess Club, Swap Card Club, Craft Club and others.

ELC Library

Weekly specialist sessions are held in the areas of Library (Kinder 3 and 4). The Teacher Librarian works closely with the teachers to program library time to enhance the classroom journeys that the children are engaged in.

The Prep and Year 1 children have a library session once per week. Students are introduced to new and upcoming as well as familiar authors and books. They are shown e-books and exciting literature web sites. They explore blogs, forums, etc., within the safe environment of their class. They become aware of their digital footprint. Students are introduced to information and resources that are linked to the curriculum. Children have the opportunity to formally visit the library with their teacher once per week, however they are also encouraged to borrow books at other times.