Bialik Sport Education & Programs

Bialik College offers sport as a major focus of the extra-curricular program and each student is encouraged to participate to the best of their ability and at a level which best matches their potential. 

Bialik Sports Academy

The Bialik Sports Academy encompasses a number of programs for students. We are renowned for our world-class sporting facilities and dedication to sporting excellence. Bialik is proud to offer an outstanding swimming pool and sports centre combined with dedicated gymnastics, tennis, hockey, basketball, netball, and cricket facilities on campus.

Training squads take place every morning before school for swimming, athletics and cross-country. 

Lunchtime sport clinics take place for many sports including “hooptime” basketball, netball, football, indoor soccer, tennis, soccer, hockey, cricket, softball, volleyball and European handball. Bialik students compete and are involved in:

·       The Victorian Basketball Championships

·       The Victorian Cycling Championships

·       Victorian Jewish School Sports Association

·       Victorian All Schools Athletic Championships

·       Victorian Interschool Skiing Championships

·       Victorian Interschool Swimming State Championships

·       A large range of sports in the Eastern Independent Schools of Melbourne (EISM) competitions.

To participate in either the swimming or athletics programs students must be in Year 4 and above. All sessions run from 7am-8am and entry is via the Tooronga Road Gate.

There aren’t any extra fees or a special uniform to participate in this program. Students can eat breakfast after training if they are not bringing their own. Shuk supplies breakfast, which can be pre-ordered on flexischools or paid by credit card on the day.

Bialik Wolves Sports Academy Athletics Program

The Bialik Wolves Sports Academy Athletics program is designed around fitness and each week has a specific field event to focus on in preparation for the upcoming Athletics events. The Bialik Wolves Sports Academy staff prefer enrolled students attended as many sessions as possible for consistent training and maximum benefit.

The Bialik Sports Academy Swimming Program

The Bialik Sports Academy Swimming program is a key element in preparing the students for the inter-school swimming events in late February and March of each year.

If you would like more information on the Bialik Sports Academy please contact:

Swimming: [email protected]

Athletics: [email protected] OR [email protected]

General Sports Enquiries: [email protected]