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Bialik Before and After School Care - BOSH Club

Bialik’s Before Care, Aftercare and the Holiday Programs are run by the BOSH Club: Bialik’s Out of School Hours Club. 

It operates daily from 7.15am at the Early Learning Centre for children in Kindergarten, Prep and Year 1. After-school care is available on Monday to Thursday from 3.30pm to 6.00pm and on Friday from 12.00pm to 5.00pm.

Children have fun while playing and learning at the BOSH Club. They participate in an exciting program that includes arts and craft, cooking activities, games, sports, drama, board games, dress ups and fun with friends. On request from parents, children can also participate in homework club. The BOSH Club also provides a nutritious and healthy breakfast at Before School Care and afternoon tea at After School Care.

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Parents may find their frequently asked questions are answered in our Parent Handbooks.

Bialik College Parent Handbook for Creche
Bialik College Parent Handbook for ELC, Primary, Middle and Senior School

Bialik College Policies

View Code of Conduct and Student Wellbeing Policies we have in place to ensure the wellbeing, safety and security of our students, staff and community.

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The Bialik College approach to learning

Each year, the Bialik College Early Learning Centre showcases the “Windows into Children’s Thinking” exhibition, which highlights the curiosity, theories and research of young children and their teachers. The ELC hosts an annual Windows Into Children’s Thinking Installation. 

“This process underpins our whole approach to understanding learning. It is seen as a way of listening to, respecting and supporting individual and group learning of both children and adults. It is a model from which to draw inspiration and to differentiate energy.”
— Daphne Gaddie, Head of the Early Learning Centre

Bialik College is a place of research, curiosity and wonder and this attitude creates an environment of interest and surprise for both teachers and students. The process of learning is documented and displayed on the walls of classrooms, corridors and in exhibitions like this one.

The ELC installation culminates in an acclaimed annual Journal “Windows Into Children’s Thinking”. which is available for sale. For more information, please contact [email protected]