Visual and Performing Arts

At Bialik, one of the many ways that student creativity is fostered and celebrated is through the visual and performing arts. Students have a wide choice of opportunities to get involved and showcase their talent when they take part in one of the numerous productions, exhibitions and creative activities on campus. Students are also encouraged to enter exhibitions and competitions within the College and in the wider community.

The annual Arts Festival, traditionally held in Term 3, is a time when further engagement with the arts is fostered. The week-long program includes activities, performances and specialist workshops across the areas of Music, Drama, Dance and Fine Arts. During Arts Week, students also engage in Media, Photography and, Design activities. Participation in the highly popular photographic competition – the “6-Shot Shoot Out” – is a highlight of the week and students are also involved in the design and running of the ‘week’.

Students with an interest in Drama find ample opportunities to participate in annual House Plays, Theatresports and College productions – either as performers on stage or to be part of the crew, production team and backstage.

Students from Years 6 to 12 have the opportunity to participate in the College Musical production, a biannual production that is a collaboration between the Music and Drama departments.

The Music program is extensive. All primary students learn an instrument and participate in the Band and Instrumental program. As they progress in their musical skills, students can join any of the 15+ music groups at the school – there is even an ensemble for students to create the music and perform original compositions. From our ELC choir through to our VCE bands, there are ample opportunities for the musically inclined. Their efforts and talent are frequently showcased through a series of early evening Soirees.

A highlight on the Visual & Performing Arts calendar is Bialik Rising Star, a singing competition in the style of “Australia’s Got Talent”. The show enables students to compete in a singing talent competition before a packed house. Students participate as vocalists, backing vocalists, instrumentalists, technical crew and hosts.