Principal Jeremy's Educational (JED) Talks

We invite you to join Principal Jeremy Stowe-Lindner for a thought-provoking series of discussions about some of Judaism's most puzzling questions. 

Open to the whole community, Principal Jeremy's talks are informal and informative.

Term 2
The Women’s War

How two biblical women won a war (and killed a general with a tent peg)

Thursday 9 May, 9.30am - Alan Finkel Launch Lab 

Monday 17 June, 7.30pm - Zoom


Term 3
Bad Boyz & Judah-ism

Why, of all of Torah’s Bad Boyz, Judah got the naming rights.

Wednesday 7 August 7.30pm – Zoom

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When Hell really did Break Out

What really happened in Sodom

Friday 29 August 9.30am – Launch Lab

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