Parents' Association

Welcome! The Bialik College Parents' Association (BCPA) is a great way for parents to connect with other families and fully participate in life at Bialik, while further enriching their children’s school experience.

As a parent your membership is automatic so no need to sign up.

We rely on volunteers to create a close community. Here are some ways you can volunteer 

  • at events 
  • as part of the Parent Security Group 
  • in the Kitchen Garden 
  • at the Shuk (canteen) 
  • as a Class Rep 

BCPA shop 

We will be featuring various shop initiatives throughout the year from Purim costumes to uniforms and more. Keep an eye out on social media pages and the Igeret for more details. 

Keep in touch and up to date 

To get involved in the BCPA, please email us at [email protected]

Facebook: Bialik College Parents’ Association

Instagram: @Bialikparents

Most year levels have a WhatsApp group

Please keep an eye out for the Igeret (school newsletter) that comes out every Thursday.