News from The Rosenkranz Centre for Excellence and Achievement


Towards the end of November, students from Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 represented Bialik in The Annual Gateways Challenge, a state-wide competition that affords students the opportunity to spend the day solving interesting problems and tasks, facilitated by a variety of teachers from The Gateways organisation.  The challenges are hard and require students to have a growth mindset, be team players and enjoy being taken out of their comfort zone as they persevere with the complex tasks. Disciplines that the students explored included Science, History, Geography, English and Maths. All team members were involved in weekly training sessions and followed up with additional tasks at home. We are extremely proud of their commitment to their learning leading up to competition day, as well as their achievements on competition day.

BrainSTEM’s 15th Innovation Challenge

For the past 2 terms a small team of Year 9 students have been involved in The 15th BrainSTEM’s Innovation Challenge.  BrainStem is an organisation that connects students with lecturers or PhD students from universities within Melbourne to explore an area of interest.  Our students have travelled weekly to Swinburne University in Hawthorn to work with Ahmed Al-Qatatsheh, researcher, data scientist, professional engineer, cloud computing architect, and management consulting executive. Eden, Justin, Liam and Lisa chose to design and create a prototype of a temperature taking device that could be attached to the forehead in a similar way to a bandaid. Known as PatchEase, this device is easy to use and can be easily read by anyone – from young children to the elderly – with a focus on simplicity, sustainability, affordability, and sensitivity.  On Thursday 24 November they shared their project at BrainSTEM’s 15th Innovation Presentation Evening, alongside other school teams, researchers and academics and scientists from universities across Melbourne.