Bialik Creche

The Judith Hellen Children’s Centre

The Bialik Creche opened in July 2019. The creche situated on the Hawthorn Campus caters for babies and toddlers aged 3-months to 3-years. The creche has become a delightful part of Bialik’s award-winning ELC, and is run by Creche Manager, Melanie Turkopp.

The creche comprises:

  • Ground Floor Piazza with a covered outdoor play area
  • First Floor Piazza with covered learning deck
  • 4 child care rooms – Aleph (first floor), Bet (first floor), Gimmel (ground floor) and Daled (ground floor)
  • Staff Meeting Rooms; change rooms etc.

Melanie is running tours for interested families who wish to have a look around and see the now operating creche in action.

To find out more, email [email protected] or call 9822 7982.